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Thursday, June 16, 2011

RANT: Writers: If You Think You're Brilliant, You Probably Aren't

Now this follows in a way the self absorbed rant, however the people who fall victim to EXTREME EGO ATTACK aren't usually obnoxious. Although they might be occasionally.

In reading about great artists: painters and writers alike I've observed few if any of them were in love with their own talent. Genius usually continually finds fault with its own creations: it's never good enough, it isn't quite what they expected, it could be better. That insecurity actually serves a purpose. It encourages the artist (writer, painter or actor) to always improve.

Searching constantly to write a better story, paint a better picture and the like benefits all of us.
Is it hard on the creator? Sure, it is. So why should they bother? Answer: they should bother because they are on a life-long mission to produce the best art they can produce.

There used to be a joke about Orson Welles. They said he'd have wanted and expected applause everytime he came out of the bathtub. That conjures up some pretty hiliarious images.
On wth my rant:

Since I don't like hypocrisy, I am asking myself this same question--do I think I'm terrific and everything I write is? Answer: no way, Jose. I am never certain if a story is going to be accepted and let me say that lately I am only writing stories that have been requested I write! I don't think for a second that the person reading the story is going to grab their chest and say: OMG! THIS IS GENIUS, I LOVE THIS! IT'S THE BEST STORY I'VE EVER READ!

Nope. I strive therefore I am. I write as well as I can and hope for the best. I write things very often I realize don't have truth in them: i.e. the truth of the fiction I was striving for. There must, after all be truth in what one writes.

I think the most important thing to realize, understand and never resent is we sometimes get it wrong or if we don't get it wrong we might come damned close.

Divinity and perfection are not facets of the human being and no writer anywhere is perfect, not in this world at least I don't think so. What about you?