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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Is It About Angels and Devils?

We're fascinated by them.  Right now I'm reading Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil and I find it profound and brilliant. It is one of the most unforgettable books I have ever read.

I won't review it here now, I'll be doing that on Goodreads shortly. What I do want to discuss is the subject matter.

What intelligent person doesn't have questions about God, creation and Heaven and Hell? We want to know. We can believe, that is the miracle of faith but I think we also want very much to know, to have all the answers to all the many questions we have. Perhaps it for this reason alone these kinds of books are as popular as they are.

That aside, I am fascinated by good and evil and the constant battle between the two. Angels might be God's foot soldiers, His helpmates. They know what He wants to do and they will do it without Him even asking. And He's pleased with his children of light.

They either exist or they don't. We can believe or not. What I am delighted about is they have become popular subject matter for fiction along with their evil counterpart.

Having them interact with characters we create is terrific. Having them then spar with one another good against bad is mind blowing.

As this is going on, in its very depiction, we are challenged as to what we believe.

If there be monsters then there also be angels to save us. If one thing comes from hell the other surely comes from Heaven.

Mightn't Heaven realistically or symbollically be there with the promise of salvation? And if it is, surely the characters we create fight the most important battles we can possibly imagine, conflicts that really mean something!


James Garcia Jr said...

Hey, Carole! Curious to see what you think of that book. I haven't read every Anne Rice novel, but I have read that one. I almost feel like reading again, now that you are talking about it.
Hope you have been having a good week, my friend.
Talk to you soon...

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Yes, hard but getting things done.

I did finish it. I thought it was amazing. I did read others by her but truthfully, this really got to me the most.

It was visionary and vivid. I mean I happen to think the Bible's narrative is stunning, the language and choice of words are exceptional.

And for me, Anne Rice achieved a narrative that I found breathtaking. The sheer scale of the story is also amazing. We are in a Milton-like story (but written for today's reader). I loved it.
Thanks Jimmy.

Nomar Knight said...

Awesome post! You bring to light questions to a mystery we may not solve till we're done in this domain. Loved Anne Rice's book too. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

thank you, Nomar!
Yes great book that!
Yup we'll have to wait I guess to know the truth of it all.
But while we speculate we can have a great time!
thanks my friend

suzie bradshaw said...

I devoured Anne Rice books decades ago but never made it to Memnoch. I'm afraid I burn myself out on authors. Sounds like I must read this one though. Thank you Carole! By the way, have you read "The Witching Hour". It is so far my favorite novel of hers.

Anonymous said...

no, i heard about that one. I will read it definitely. Memnoch is worth a read.
What I love about Rice is she writes thoughtful horror where gore isn't the plot, you know?
Oh Suzie, so good to hear from you!
How do we find time to read?!
thanks so much

Damian said...

Memnoch is, by far, Rice's most prolific book to date. Unfortunately, it seems that it was to be her last novel of any quality.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading some of the later ones now in between research.
So I'm not able to comment.
I think Memnoch was a very unqiue and unsual book.
A one off if you will possibly.
Thanks very much for your comment.