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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vampire In the House

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post with these announcements...

Caprice is in count-down at Amazon and currently, at this writing is only $0.99. If you've been waiting for the chance to snatch it up at a bargain price now is your only chance, daw-wlings!
And if you are into Halloween, like I am, stop by for some spooky stories, facts about Halloween, witches, and other such things that go bump in the night, over at my other blog Lorelei's Muse. There's treats and refreshments too. And I'll be making a few announcements soon.

(originally posted on 10/26/11, please check postings in Lorelei's Muse for updated material. Thank you!)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall is Upon Us! Time for Fun!

I've always been a creative person. I actually began life as an artist. Yep. As soon as I could hold a crayon, I drew--all over the walls. I was pretty naughty, although, I don't recall being punished for marking up walls, but I do recall when I used my sister's favorite lipstick and drew on the bedroom wall that I got a tongue lashing.

Well, that was so long ago. I'm sharing a little something with you today that you might want to try on your own. This is called a mason jar luminary. It's simple and you don't need too many things to put it together.

Below you see the items you'll need are a glass jar, whatever you have on hand, or you can buy one like in the picture below.
From your local craft store:
large brush
tea light (battery or regular)
From your yard, or wherever, LEAVES!

I think my favorite thing to do in the fall is walk through the park and find some spectacularly colored leaves!
When you get your supplies all together you simply paint an area of the glass jar with ModPodge, and smooth a leaf or two onto it. Keep painting and sticking the leaves on the glass. Let dry. I have not used this stuff in a while, but go by the directions for use, and how long for drying. Probably a few hours or over night.

When the season is over, make sure to simply dust it off. Don't wash or wet it at all. Store in a dry play. I usually put tissue paper around my glass and ceramics when I store them.

The ideas are never ending. Have fun!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Charlain Harris' Dead Ever After... and Sabrina Strong Series

Hello, my pretties. I've just returned from an 8-day trip to the southwest. A nice trip but too damn short. Taos was super busy! We saw some amazing views when we took a circle drive out of there on our second day.

While I had to be passenger in the truck, while my husband did the driving, I brought along the very last book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, "Dead Ever After". I had been wanting to get this book, the moment I heard this was the last of the series. (Boo-hoo! )^; ) So, finally I bought it for something to do while we drove through boring states--states we have been through a couple dozen times in the past 28 years.

I'm more than half-way done with it, and I'm enjoying the story, as always. Never a boring read, something is always happening to Sookie. Arline, who once worked in the bar with Sookie and became a hater, is found dead in the dumpster at Merlots, and Sookie is charged with the murder--all be it a flimsy charge indeed. All her friends come out in support of her, and she is bailed out by her former boyfriend, Erik. Also, at least two people are trying to kill her. One nearly does, and she winds up with a bullet wound in the shoulder (or the arm, I can't remember now). I'm not finished with the book, so please don't ruin the ending by telling me about it. 

I now have all 13 books in the Sookie Stackhous series. I'll probably read them all again, from the beginning some day. That's what I like about a series, if you are into the characters, and the story, you get lost in a series, if the author has done a good job. Harris has done a very good job.

Enough of that, now onto my series... ehem.

I remember starting out with my Sabrina Strong series. I had only planned on three books, in the very beginning. But then, after the second one, I knew I had more in me than three. However, I wondered how many books I'd be able to write. Each time I finished one, I didn't think I had another one in me--well, another one began forming in my head before long. Scenes between characters played out like little motion pictures and I had to sit and write them out before the whole thing was gone.

I'm currently on #8 book (Six Shades of Hell), and I'm working on some of the edits for the 5th one (Vampire Crescendo). Meanwhile the fourth book, Vampire Caprice, is now available as an eBook on both Amazon and Smashwords.

While Sookie Stackhouse was a bartender with telepathic abilities, Sabrina Strong (heroine in my books) is a touch clairvoyant. Eventually, Sabrina's abilities become more magical. She receives a mystical ring that can not only thwart vampire thrall, but she can pick up a vampire and slam him into the wall--without touching him/her. Something she would need down the road because, let's face it, the vampire world is a very dangerous place. She comes to understand that she is the sibyl, an ancient vampire huntress. And she has been given the Dagger of Delphi, which basically does the work for her.

Eventually, Sabrina also learns to travel ley lines. [Ley lines are lines linking the holy places and sites of antiquity--but more than that, they may also exist beyond the Earth, in outer space, and it's thought by some scientists that humans could tap them and travel to other worlds]. Sabrina does learn to tap leys and she does go into another world in Vampire Nocturne. Here she finds that vampires rule and the original Drakulya (the Impaler), rules as king. This is what I like to refer to as my Steampunk novel.

In a way, my writing is similar to Charlaine Harris'. It's on the same level, but I've incorporated a little more horror into my novels. And, Sabrina works for a vampire magnate, Bjorn Tremayne. But eventually marries a master rogue, Vasyl, (who has been with her since she was a child, but she didn't know it). Introduces himself eventually in first and second books--he is her dream vampire. Nevertheless, Sabrina finds it hard to resist Tremayne when he corners her a couple of times in the above book, Vampire Caprice. And I hope I don't give too much away, but when I worked on edits for that book, I realized there is a lot of heavy breathing going on with Sabrina enjoying a lot of male attentions. Not that the other books lack this, but as a heads-up, these are not your teenager's romance books.

If you've been hunting for a good read, and would like to check out my series, I've reduced the price on both the first and second ebooks to $0.99. I've decided to do this in honor of my 60th birthday, this month. So, these two books will be on sale up through August 31st.

Here are the links, if you wish to check them out:
Vampire Ascending                                          Vampire's Trill

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not A Cookie-Cutter Paranormal Romance Series

That's right! This isn't an easily definable vampire series. There's adventure, romance, mystery, horror and is basically a gritty urban fantasy where vampires exist in our reality, instead of a hypothetical alternate universe, or alternate Earth, or in some far distant future where vampires are waging wars with... whoever.

Sabrina Strong is a strong protagonist, her tale of how she learns to deal with the vampires she encounters day in and day out--well, night in and night out--helps her become strong and resilient. She eventually becomes a seasoned warrior, and at times with humor (uh, you'll see what I mean in the excerpt below.)

The fourth installment of the Sabrina Strong series, Vampire Caprice,  is now available.

The big vampire, Bjorn Tremayne has lost his reign and has become a rogue, and this doesn't sit well with him. But he's about to do something that will change all this. Dark World has set a bounty on Sabrina's head because she wouldn't mate with him, but he has come up with a way to trick her into bed with him. He needs to get her away from the only vampire who protects her—Vasil.
Sabrinas agenda was to enjoy a pleasant Thanksgiving with family, and no vampires, Nephilim, werewolves, or demons to interrupt it. Unfortunately, a demon in the guise of her Grandmother Rose has decided to attack her at this family gathering. Bill Gannon, her neighbor and Nephilim, has gotten an invite to Thanksgiving. Just when he's about to save Sabrina from the demon, who walks in, kills the demon and whisks Sabrina off in his cool Super Snake Mustang, but Tremayne... with the help of leprechaun Rick.
After the melee in Sabrina's brother's house, Tremayne convinces Sabrina she isn't safe and manages to talk her into running.
Vasyl, meanwhile, has fought off Tremayne's minions, but in the meantime has lost Sabrina. It's daybreak and he must hide from the sun. He then has to chase Sabrina across the Midwest, knowing that Tremayne's ultimate goal is to mate with her before he, himself, has had a chance to consummate his marriage to Sabrina.
In order to complete his duty of finding the sibyl, Bill Gannon must chase after Sabrina, too, and find a way to talk her into having his children in order to save the whole Nepilim race.
While all of these men are vying for Sabrina's attentions, something called an Undead who feeds on souls, seeks Sabrina—the last sibyl—for his own diabolical needs. And he is very determined to find her!

Tremayne stepped closer to me. “When Rick returns, I have to go out.”
What? Why?” I didn't want my only protection to vanish on me.
I need to feed. I need to go out and hunt,” Tremayne said.
My hands went to my waist and I cocked my hip. “So, now you condone hunting humans, whereas before you were against it?” I challenged.
It isn't against vampire law anymore. There's no place to get the bottled blood here.”
So, you're just going to go out and find some poor human, and feed on them?” A shiver ran up my spine. I'd been present during one of his “feedings”. Not something I'd want to see again, thank you.
Would you rather I feed on you, instead?” A smile spread across his handsome face.
Sure. Why not? And then we can see how much you like my dagger sticking into your chest.” I countered, stepping closer.
Not as much as you'd like something large of mine sticking into you.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me, chuckling.
Absolutely appalled, I hauled off to slap him. He caught my wrist before it got halfway to his face. I tried with my other hand, and he caught that one as well. We stared at each other for a full ten human heartbeats where we seemed to be suspended in animation; neither of us willing to, or able to move on the act we each desired to act on. And then suddenly he grabbed me around the waist and hauled me up against himself. Something hard and cold pressed against my stomach. Wow! Oh... It was his huge belt buckle. Temporarily stunned, his lips came over mine before I could protest. Large hands rounded my butt and lifted me off the floor. Naturally, my legs parted, and his big body just filled in the gap. It was like wrapping my legs around a tree. He had one hand on my rear and the other one up my shirt, our lips still glued together. The sensation was like an ocean crashing onto the shore—as though it had always happened; as though it were meant to be sumptuous and whole. It took my breath away—like he had always been able to steal my breath. Like unexpected lightning it simply happened. Somewhere in a far away land, a long, long time ago it seemed I was his and he was mine. We were acting the whole thing out again in the now. The moment of truth was this moment, and what we were doing—or thinking of doing—was meant to be, because it had happened somewhere in a past life.
My legs and arms clung to him. I feared if I let go I'd fall forever. We spun, and bumped into walls. The room, the lights whirled around us from light to dark, from light and back to dark again, making me dizzy and I wasn't sure if it was the kiss or the way we just kept on spinning. I didn't know where we were going, but it felt like we were traveling to someplace specific.
My mind suddenly cleared, and I realized the folly of kissing Tremayne—and where this would lead. Hell-o! I pulled my lips away, ending it. We were now in the living area, after the spinning stopped.
Notice how I didn't throw you on the bed?” he said, low and edgy. A faint smirk appeared on his roguish face.
You want an award or something?” My retort was meant to sting, but I was off my mark. His buttery-yellow hair had somehow gotten wrapped around my fingers. My heart raced, aware of his eyes raking over my face and then dropped to my neck.
Tremayne's teal-colored eyes flicked back up to my face. “You want this? Or should I stop now?”
I stared into the depth of his old soul, his eyes had turned a beautiful aqua. It reminded me of the waters off a Bahama shore. His pupils were large, but not vamped-out. I'd never seen eyes like his before.
Yes... no... I don't know!” I said. “You're thralling me!”
Uncover your ring,” he invited. “Let me know. We can continue, or we can stop.”
Oh, the hell with it. I bent toward him and my lips found his. We spun again and once more I had no idea where we were going from here. Then we were falling. Still in his arms, he let me land gently on my back. A loud, slightly surprised grunt tumbled from my lips, and I looked up at him. We were on the couch. My hands were thrown over my head. His legs and arms caged my entire body, hovering over me. Desire skittered through me. My pulse deepened, anticipating his next move.
Wow. You've got me now, Mr. Tremayne.” My breath ragged, I had to swallow, waiting.
Yes. Right where I've wanted you for a long time, Sabrina. Do you want me?”

I squinted at him and said, “Oh, crap!”

Vampire Caprice 
the fourth e-book 
in Sabrina Strong series
is available on Amazon

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vampire Caprice ~ meaning and book synopsis

From Dictionary: Caprice
1). An impulsive change of mind.
2). An inclination to make such changes.
3). Music. A capriccio from Italian capriccio--"head with hair standing on end" - hence horror...

Hello, my pretties. Yes, the daffodils are making brave attempts at showing us their bright, sunny faces, but we are still trying to push away winter temperatures and that pesky "s" word from the daily forecast. For now, it's acting more like March, but I'll take it.

I've been hard at work on the fourth book in the Sabrina Strong series, Vampire Caprice. As the definition above indicates it will be anything but dull.

I've come up with a synopsis, here. It might be a tad long, but would like some comments on it. And all comments are welcomed, just make sure you understand spamming me will not get you published.
cover by Lucy Pireel

The big vampire, Bjorn Tremayne, is up to his old tricks again. He has lost his reign and has now become a rogue, and this doesn't sit well with him, but he's going to do something that will change this situation. Dark World has set a bounty on Sabrina's head because she wouldn't mate with him, but he has come up with a way to trick her into bed with him. The only thing is he needs to get her away from the only vampire who protects her—Vasyl.
Sabrina's agenda was to enjoy a pleasant Thanksgiving with family, and no vampires, Nephilim, werewolves, or demons to interrupt it. Unfortunately a demon in the guise of her Grandmother Rose has decided to attack her at this family gathering. Bill Gannon, her neighbor and Nephilim, has gotten an invite to Thanksgiving, but just when he's about to save Sabrina from the demon, who walks in, kills the demon and whisks Sabrina off in his cool Super Snake Mustang but Tremayne... with the help of leprechaun Rick.
After the melee in Sabrina's brother's house, Tremayne convinces Sabrina she isn't safe from demons who are after her for the bounty on her head—dead or alive—and manages to talk her into running.
Vasyl, meanwhile, has fought off Tremayne's minions, but has lost Sabrina, and now it's daybreak. He has to chase Sabrina across the Midwest, knowing that Tremayne's ultimate goal is to mate with her—before he, himself, has had a chance to consummate his marriage to Sabrina.
In order to complete his duty of finding the sibyl, Bill Gannon must chase after Sabrina, and find some way to talk her into having his children in order to save the whole Nephilim race.
While all of these men are vying for Sabrina's attentions, something called an Undead, who feeds on souls, seeks Sabrina—the last sibyl—for his own diabolical needs. And he is very determined to find her.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Two Masters vie for the possession of The Sibyl

Two masters who are polar opposites

in appearance, and beliefs, will seek the sibyl;

She who holds the ring, and who has Knowledge.

Two powers shall struggle to take over the new


The last sibyl holds the key;

The descendant of the Watchers hold the seed.

In the abduction there shall be salvation.

Redemption shall overrule revenge.

And a new race shall be born.

Coming in April
4th book
Sabrina Strong series
Coming out April 2014

Are you ready for some vampire fun?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Vampire's Day Soiree Today!

Hey, I understand it s the 3rd anual Vampire's Day Soiree! Go check out our host Holly's Horrorland, and comeback here because I've joined in all the fun, here at Got Vampire? I've got an excerpt from the up coming next book in the Sabrina Strong series below you might want to read. 

For some women it takes a life time to find someone who loves you and you love them back. Rarely do we get more than one guy vying for our attentions.

But in the case of my lead character, Sabrina Strong, in the Sabrina Strong series, seems like you can throw a rock and hit a guy who is after her.

The fourth book Vampire Caprice, which is coming out this year, her problems just multiply by four. She's married to Vasyl, but they've had some arguments lately, and Mr. Tremayne is lending a hand in trying to keep the two apart. (for another excerpt from the book hop on over to Lorelei's Muse, but read this one first)

Here two of them are arguing over who had dibs on her. If you've read the first 3 books, you know who Dante and Vasyl are. Let's take a peek, shall we?
A millisecond later, I felt the molecules around us disperse and then a dark form appeared at the foot of my bed. It was Dante dressed all in black—black pants, black tee and boots. Almost like he had always dressed while alive, only right now he seemed to be more powerful, more lethal and more feral than he had been in life. Odd that I had not noticed this before. But then, we had been alone—except for the time he first appeared and saved me from the vampires in Targoviste Castle—and possibly he needed to be this way as he stood in the same room with a powerful vampire.
Straightening, Vasyl became ridged. “You invade, shifter,” he said in a deadly tone.
I killed two tonight,” Dante reported. “But one got away.”
Nikki,” I said.
Thank you for your report. You may leave us,” Vasyl said to him.
I love her as much as you,” Dante snarled.
Sacrebleu!” Vasyl swore. “My love has suffered and endured nearly two thousand years! You have known her for only a month or so, thus you have no right to claim her. Besides, we are married.”
My head and eyes snapped up to take him in. Images of that night when I'd halted the wedding came to me. The minister had pronounced us man and wife. I had a ring on my left hand and couldn't help but look down at it.
We are married, right?” I asked.
You signed the document, before the ceremony, and we were pronounced man and wife before you ran out of the hall,” Vasyl reminded me.
I wasn't sure,” I said wincing apologetically.
I didn't know this,” Dante said, throwing me an accusing glare.
I just sort of forgot?” I coughed, my hand clutching my side from a sudden stitch. I wasn't acting, but it suited the moment and changed the subject dramatically.
I can heal her,” Dante offered.
Vasyl glared at him. “You?”
I am—or was—a shaman in life. In my spirit form I can heal her much faster and easier than a human doctor can.” He spoke quietly, and he didn't sound boastful.
I have given her my blood. She is healing now,” Vasyl claimed.
That will help quicken it. Let me check her.”
Vasyl stood in the way.
Oh, for God's sakes let Dante check me out. My ribs might be broken.” The pain was lessening by small degrees even as I spoke.
Vasyl stepped aside, but wasn't happy. I could tell. He crossed his arms and went into his defiant stance like always.
Dante moved gracefully around the bed and came up beside me. His hair in that odd, loose braid he wore before. I now saw his hair was held by bands of gold. Looking down at me, his hand moved toward my side. His gaze seemed to cover every inch of me, as though they could see inside my skin.
You have pain here?” The ends of his long fingers touched my side very lightly.
I nodded. “But it seems to be going away.”
Vasyl made a sniff.
Holding his hands over my side, not touching me, he then closed his eyes, breathed in and then out, seeming to concentrate for several heartbeats.
Shoulders relaxed, his hand moved away and he opened his eyes. “The ribs were only cracked. They are healing, now. You must rest.” He glanced up at Vasyl. “She must not be moved from this bed for at least the next six hours. Your blood is healing her, as is her werewolf blood. After the pain is gone, she can move or be moved. I suggest she stay here for twenty-four hours.”
Very well. I will stay with her for the duration.” He looked around the room. “There are no windows here, so I will stay with her.” Vasyl remained in that defiant stance of his and lifted his head at Dante. “I know that you were lovers, in life. You have also been with her intimately as an Undead. I will not allow that any longer,” Vasyl said from the other side of my bed.
It is true. We have been together,” Dante said, looking down at me. His lips bent just a little in a slight smile.
No more will you be with her in that way,” Vasyl said. “I forbid it.”
I think it's up to her. Isn't it?” Dante argued.
I tried to mount a protest as the argument above me grew in volume.
I spent half my human life and all of my vampire life in a quest to find her. Do you think for one second I would allow an Undead to touch her?”
Already have.” Dante lifted his eyes to him and the smirk told the whole story.
I know I can do nothing to you, but she will refuse you, if I must thrall her into doing so,” Vasyl said more defiantly.
Stop! Stop it now!” I growled, and then my teeth gripped my lower lip from the pain. Whenever I took a breath it hurt. Then the pain subsided and I spoke. “For your information, I love Dante,” I said to Vasyl.
Dante smirked.
And I can't help it but I feel just as strongly toward Vasyl. I'm married to him. So, I have to stay true to him now.”
Dante's face grew somber.
I think you're both being a little ridiculous,” I chastised. “It's like you're arguing over a thing. I'm not a possession!” I reminded, and looked at both of them. “But Vasyl has been in my life longer. He found and protected me when I was a child. I know that he loves me. And, because you never even told me you loved me while you are alive—” A stitch made me stop short as I grimaced.
Cherie,” Vasyl said softly. “Rest.”
No. Listen to me, the both of you. You are both going to simply put up with each other because I'm not about to decide who I love more, nor will I tell Dante to never come and visit me again. That's like asking me which arm I like better, and to cut the other one off. That's how ridiculous this is!”
Dante hung his head, and his black tresses hung like a curtain over his face. Then he drew his head up and looked at me. “I am, as always, and will be, in love with you, Sabrina. You will never be able to change that.”
No. I just wished you would have told me when you were alive. At least you could have gone on to your reward.”
We can never go back in time. So, I will honor you, now, my lady”—he bowed deeply—“as your servant. You are now my priestess and I will obey your command; whatever you wish, it is my will to obey.”
I actually do need something,” I said. “You're the only one who can go and find it, probably.”
Tell me.”
My backpack. It's still at the park. It's brown leather.” It had everything in it that I needed. “The Dagger is in it, so you're the only one who can go and get it.” That and a few more important things. Like my birth control.
He paused, and the look he gave me was indescribable.
Oh, and find out if Chris is alright,” I added with a wince.
Then he bowed again, stepped backward two steps turned, and was gone.

A moment later, a weariness fell over me and I closed my eyes. Vasyl's blood was working on me, and I drifted off. I dreamt. But these were not my dreams... they were Vasyl's.
Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day. I've had a nibble from my heart box already!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Got Vampire's Day Soiree?

Art work by Meritxell Ribas Puigmal
Hello, dawwwlings! Well, it is that time of year again. Yes. We who love in the blood are excited to gather 'round and have a nice cup of the red stuff! This will take place on--you guessed it!--Valentines Day! And of course our subject is vampires.

Vampire's Day Soiree is hosted by Holly's Horrorland. So if you want to sign up for all the fun, do so here. And then return on February 14th for all the fun. I will have an excerpt from my next book about to come out this year, Vampire Caprice. We'll see how much trouble vampire Mogul Bjorn Tremayne can get into when he decides to make a  move on Sabrina Strong. Mmmm. I think that sounds like bloody fun!

See you then!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Love Bite Wednesday

Soft light in the room threw shadows across the contours of his face, making it look somewhat like a piece of artwork. I only then realized I hadn't had the opportunity to really take in the details of his high cheekbones, the curve of this lips, almost straight nose, the arch of brows. 

His lips captured mine, then his kisses traveled down my neck. I arched my back availing my neck to him. His arms like steel bands pulled me to him. I waited for him to sink his teeth into me, super aware of the throb at my womanhood....

Well, this was something I found on a piece of paper, undated. But I do believe it belongs to something I wrote in my up-coming book Vampire Caprice. The vampire is none other than the seven foot tall Bjorn Tremayne, snuggling up with--who else?--Sabrina Strong. They are so wrong for each other, I love putting them together. And this book puts them together in the bedroom, eventually, even though Sabrina has been avoiding this--for a lot of reasons, because if he bites her, he will not be able to stop drinking her blood (because it's just so delicious, of course!)

I'll bring you more little tidbits from the fourth novel, just a tease hear and a tease there. I'm evil that way!

Fourth book in the Sabrina Strong series
to be published in 2014
Please visit me every Wednesday for A Love Bite Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vampire Rug Rats

Hello, my pretties.
Well, since I've been busy writing along in this newest book, Dhampire Legacy I've come across the old manuscript (sometimes there were 2 drafts), I used some, discarded others, depending upon my need for the new version. You know how it is there's always something you have to discard, even though you loved it when you wrote it.

The following is from a chapter I won't be using at all. Everything had changed up to this point.

Oh, and just today I got to 85K words on this baby! I'm chugging along. I hope to be done with it by the end of this month.

Well, let me get you in the mood.
In the following Lucy, who is 15, has become a vampire. She's in a mansion where a lot of vampires have been living, and to her surprise she comes across some little vampire children.

Glittering eyes peered hopefully up at Lucy out of the dank gloom. Seven or eight, she counted, all pale children's faces attached to small frail looking bodies. They pressed together in a tight knot. Some wore only rags, indicating they'd existed far more than only a few weeks as a vampire. The little girls wore ballerina dresses, which were not quite as worn, but soiled by their activities and by living in squalor in the basement. Lucy stared at the dirty face, caked and soiled from their repeated blood feasts, and never washed. Their hair, un-combed, unwashed and ratted. They were the sorriest motley group of un-kept rug rats she'd ever seen.
Understanding what she was—that she was one of them, and not quite an adult—they gathered at her feet, the closest ones grasping her legs in desperation, something like a stray cat or dog might do. Huge hopeful eyes imparted their unspoken need, until, all at the same time they said “Food! Feed us!”
Lucy hushed them, suddenly feeling like an older sister, or babysitter to them all. Some might have been only five. Others were six and the rest maybe seven or eight, boys and girls.
She sat on the steps so that she could be closer to them. They huddled around her as though she were about to tell them a story. Small, cold hands wrapped around her bare arms or legs. A few had climbed up above her to cling to her, arms or hands touching her.
You killed him, didn't you?” One asked.
We're happy you did that!” another added.
I hope you chopped his head off!” a boy, the oldest one next to her said.
Yeah!” Came their cheers.
She realized they talked about her killing Erik. “I did,” she said.
Yeay!” They all cheered and some clapped and others simply hugged her. She was their hero. She understood that many, if not all, had been Erik's victims. He took only the blood of children or babies. Now he could do this no more, and could not add to their numbers.
Will you help us get to our food?” one anxious boy asked.
Food? Where? What do you mean?” she asked.
They're hiding inside the secret room,” said a girl with flaming red hair, wearing a pink tutu.
Where? Show me,” Lucy said.
Behind the big door.” this one pointed to the large door. Lucy looked past the kitchen table and to the heavy wooden door.
We can't go in there,” the blond boy said.
Were aren't allowed to go in there,” the red-headed girl said, rolling her eyes.
Lucy scrutinized the door, noticed the flame thrower on the floor, next to the door. That was why the men hadn't taken care of these smallest vampires. She was sure Phil would have cooked them all without hesitation. She didn't know how the men had gotten down here, past the starving waifs, but they weren't going to let them back out. The men were trapped. Even if the men managed to kill the first few who attacked them, these starving little things would manage to overwhelm them in time.
So, it was up to her. She decided to handle things her way.
First I have to ask you something,” she said.
They all scooted even closer to her, faces eagerly waiting.
Did Zaylik, the master, come through here?”
YES!” they said.
Which way did he go?”
They all pointed toward the large, heavy door. “In there!”
Okay. Now, I'm going to tell you a secret. You must listen carefully, though,” she spoke low, looking into each of their little faces. “You no longer have to stay here.”
After a silent moment of exchanging glances, one boy in worn out, faded and filthy jeans said, “But we like it here.”
You do? Why?”
There's lots of toys to play with.”
And we can play house, and have tea parties,” a little girl said.
And, we're ballerinas,” one of the other little girls in a tutu said. The group of them jumped up and pirouetted on their tip-toes.
Lucy smiled. “That's very good,” she said. “But it's no longer safe for you to stay here.”
But why not?” the red headed girl asked, fists to her little waist.
There's going to be a big fire, later. If you stay you will burn up.”
That got their attention and their eyes went wide, one girl made an 'o' with her mouth.
But where can we go?”
She paused in thought. “I know of a place where all of you can hid, at least for a while.”
Outside there's a large tower. There's no one there, now. You'll be safe there for the night.”
What about our food?” asked the older boy.
Yes. We're hungry!” the red-headed girl said, holding her stomach.
You'll have to hunt whatever night creatures you can find outside,” she said.
They all looked dubious about that.
Can we take our toys?” one asked.
Sure, but take only what you can carry,” she said. “Hurry, now. Go and get your things.”
With excited little screams they dispersed and disappeared through the other doorway.

©2005 Lorelei Bell from Vampire Legacy

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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