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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sabrina Strong on Killing Demons

Hi. My name is Sabrina Strong, I'm a touch clairvoyant, and that's not all. I'm now a sibyl. My job? I'm supposed to take out demons, vampires and off-spring of Nephilim. But you know, it's a bit hard when your friends are vampires. Well, not all my friends are vampires, of course. And a few vampires have become my enemies. And one certain off-spring of of Nephilim is trying to hit  on me. But I'm here to talk about demons and vampires today.

No. You won't find me carrying a wooden stake and punching it into a vampire's heart, and then they turn to dust. Please. I think that's been over done, for one thing. For another, it's just so messy. And plus--how the hell do you find the right place to puncture the chest to get to the heart when the vampire might not want to sit still for that?

Nope. I got something better, anyway. I happen to have the only thing that kills on it's own and it's made of pure silver. It's called the Dagger of Delphi. It's ancient--at least 2,000 years old, wielded by one of the first sibyls. It will kill a demon right now. It will also kill any off-spring of Nephilim. And really when you get down to tacks, if anything is stabbed in the heart you've pretty much got a funeral to go to. Right?

But vampires are a bit tricky. They are the hardest buggers to kill. You see, the dagger won't kill them right away. It poisons them from the inside out--so I've been told--and it's a slow death for the vampire. So, if I stab a vampire with this dagger of mine--or if it does it for me (because it has a mind of its own), the vampire lives long enough to send his minions after me. Not fun.

But demons, yeah, that's another thing entirely. They die right away. In this latest book, however, I have no idea what these "Dreadfuls" are who stand in the corner of a room, making the person they're hovering over until they become very ill, bed-ridden and die. You see, I'm on a different planet in Vampire Nocturne. And the vampires here are at least half human. Well, I don't want to go into an explanation on how that happens here. You'll just have to believe me. So when I stab them, it's quite possible they don't stay down very long.

But the Dreadfuls do. In fact they sort of implode upon themselves and it takes me a little while to figure out they are not actually demons, but manifestations of someone who is sending these things out in order to kill off people they don't happen to like.

So, when the human population of Wallachia (where the king of vampires dwells--yes, it's Drakulya aka The Impaler who has somehow managed to get his head back on his shoulders and becomes a vampire after his battle with the Turks), learns I can kill these Dreadfuls, they want me to come to their homes and take them out. I'd become an exterminator, in that sense. But I've got a sneaky suspicion who is sending these things out and I've got to find a way to prove it, or I might not live to see tomorrow.

But I don't have time for this! I have to find my cousin, Lindee, who was sucked through a portal, into this other world. I have to find her before Drakulya, or some other vampire does, because a human's destiny on this world where vampires rule is either of two things: become a Blood Dame, or Brood Mare--women who allow vampires to mate with them in order to have more off-spring (that's what they call them there).

So, I've got my hands full. Not only that I've got the son of Drakulya, Jett, who is into me. As well as his cousin, Drachen--who is a dreamboat, but really too young for me. Jett is handsome, older and a sexual vampire. While Drachen would rather have my blood, I'd rather jump Jett's bones. Really. I can say that here, can't I?

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