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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Crucifixes and Garlic anyone?

Embraced by ambien candlelight, he turned his head toward the fire. His sharp features stood out against the shadows of the room. The fire jumped and lurched suddenly as he put his hands out toward it, as if to warm them. - Lorelei Bell Vampire Legacy 2000

Hello, my pretties. How are you in these hectic days before Christmas? Got the garlic garlands hanging? Crucifixes around your pretty necks?


I was digging through some of my crap uh-er notes, and came up with a number of interesting facts that I had jotted down years ago, and found an old tabloid clipping worth quoting here. I believe it's from the 1970's at least!

"According to parapsychologist Dr. Stephen Kaplan and author with writer Carole Kane of Vampires Are (ETC Publications, 1983), the nocturnal bloodsuckers are not only real, but they're mulipying rapidly.
" 'I've been fascinated, wooed, mystified, entranced and entertained by them," he wrote. "I've also been threatened, horrified lured,and almost killed by them.'

"A census earlier this year by the Vampire Study Center which Kaplan founded and heads on Long Island, disclosed an alarming 162% increase in their population in the U.S. compare to the first count taken two years earlier.

"Kaplan says most true vampires--who may indeed live several hundred years, but neither turn into bats nor need to sleep in coffins [wow, big news flash here]--do their best to avoid stirringup trouble and attracting notice.
 "Their daily need for human blood however, drives them to do almost anything to obtain it.
Kaplan said they will participate in depraved sadomasochistic rituals that include bloodletting and blood drinking, secually service donors or join blood cults--whatever is necessary..."

Also there was this tidbit from a note I jotted down:
The Vampire Research Society founded in 1970 by Sean Manchester, who feels vampire enthusiasts are playing with fire, and are unwittingly promoting evil--(that's Eeeevilllll)*. He takes vampirism very seriously.
*my input

As you can see, I've been researching vampires for a long while, now. I didn't write down the date on the old news clipping and I didn't have any date on the other note either.

Here was another note I took down from somewhere. Everyone knows who Montague Summers is (1880-1948) wrote "Vampire Kith & Kin"?
~ "Montague Summers was charged with pederasty, but found not guilty." (pederasty: sexual relations between a man and young boy). If it happened today he'd be known as a sexual predator/pedophile and would not be allowed near schools, or where children gather. His face would be up on all sites at facebook and so forth. How time changes things.

Another little note on the same bit of paper:
"Garlic, the crucifix, and sunlight take away the vampire's strength"
Something Buffy Summers would know about, wouldn't she?

The snow outside is falling, and friends are calling... so I shall leave you with this one last quote...

"I am not dreaming. I am not deluded. Nearer to the grave new light streams for me. We shall continue to exist. We shall see each other again." - Goethe


William Kendall said...

Well of course Buffy would know these things!

Lorelei said...

Yes, well, duh-right?