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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nosferatu's Star WAS A Vampire (according to Shadow of the Vampire)!


Max Schreck was either a vampire or he wasn't.

A lot of people in Germany thought he was, so convincing was he with his highly developed persona.

Personally, I think he was a very clever man who knew exactly how

to make a great deal of publicity for himself.

He was the incomprable star of Nosferatu.
And please consider the fact that Schreck in German means fright!

I don't have to elaborate on the magnificent post Lorelei did last week. I only want to discuss the film, Shadow of the Vampire which is a fictional account of the making of Nosferatu.

The performances are amazing, with John Malkovich as FW Murnau, the gifted Expressionist German filmaker.

A lot of poetic license comes in here, but you know what?! It's a hell of a lot of fun and it makes for one damned bloody good take on Nosferatu's
star, Max Schrek as well as FW Murnau. 

Schrek is played by Willem Dafoe. You have to see it to believe how riotious he is! It's delicously over the top and will have you amazed.

Not to be outdone is the terrific John Malkovich starring as director, FW Murnau.

The gist:
The director and his crew arrive to begin filming with Schreck already there waiting for them.

They start filming and a lot of very peculiar things begin happening. The implication is that Schreck is not acting the part, that he is in every way a vampire!

In one scene Murnau shouts: "Why did you have to kill the cameraman, why couldn't it be the script girl?"

Schreck responds: "I'll eat her later!"

Yikes! But fun yikes, right?

This is pure entertainment and it is really good fun. But it's more than that because it also provides great insight into the making of Nosferatu.

Purists will say that Murnau was not at all like the somewhat nutty character Malkovich portrays. So what? This is a fictionalization of the making of that classic. It's satirical and damned clever in my opinion.

Why not see it and decide for yourself. And be sure to tell us about it, because we'd love to know what you think!


Lorelei said...

Carole, I am soooo glad you posted about this! There was no way I had room for it in my post. But it has to be said: There was no such actor as Max Schreck, and it was a pseudonym for the well-kown German actor Alfred Abel. *shrugs* that's what I got from my book on the heavies and monsters of film.

For sure the man was a big question mark. I heard about this film from a very good friend of mine who is into horror classics too. He thought it rocked! I'll have to see if I can't find it someday and buy it!

Fantastic post, Carole!

Anonymous said...

thanks Lorelei!
sure Schreck was a brilliant publicist for himself.
you must see it!
you can probaby get it on Amazon.
i bought mine on Amazon uk.
it's a riot. it is really funny.
thanks again!

Lisa Lane said...

I thought that both NOSFERATU (even if it was a rip-off of DRACULA) and SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE were brilliantly innovative, each in their own way. I saw SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE many years ago, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it needed to become a part of my personal collection. It was, as far as I'm concerned, an instant classic. Thanks for sharing about this unique and brilliant film, Carole!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much, Lisa.
Yes, i agree I loved the film and Shadow was riotious.
There was legal matter with Bram Stoker's widow, which i think was why it is called Nosferatu, it's a shame.
I'm going to have to watch Shadow of a Vampire tonight now!