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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year News!

This is the cover page for the story I co wrote with Bob Bello. It's entitled THE HARBINGER, it's part of a collection which has just gone on sale on Amazon. I’m still working on my author’s profile there. Just as soon as I finish I’ll have a link.
I also have stories appearing in two other sci fi anthologies that will be on sale in January as well. Details to follow!
My horror novel is progressing nicely—although in order to remain fairly sane I had to come up with a routine—a way to divide my time so as not to crash.
I had to do this because I always have a writing project going on. I am working on a new horror short story for a horror anthology with a February deadline. Plus I am doing edits for my sci fi novel. I’ve written in chapters that include inter-dimensional travel. More about that at a later date!
Don’t even want to think right now that there’s another horror story for Sonar 4 publication’s Ladies of Horror 2010 that I’m in! Yeah, but I’ll do it and love doing it because when writing is your life things somehow take care of themselves as long as we work calmly and efficiently.
Writing full time as I am now is and will remain a learning experience. I learn best how to work and manage my time. And you know what? I think that’s the key really: time management. That and the need to write and entertain people is what it’s all about.
This is Carole Gill, your reporter at New Year News!


David Cranmer said...

Terrific news! What a great way to ring in the new year.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Looks good!

Anonymous said...

Thanks David and Paul!
What lovely comments.
I'm a bit paranoid on here lately, I had a hacker would you believe in China of all places put me on his blog (which is blank, but for a CHINESE character) as a follower!
Hey now that's something to blog about!
did report him btw, but no response as yet!