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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vampire Caprice ~ meaning and book synopsis

From Dictionary: Caprice
1). An impulsive change of mind.
2). An inclination to make such changes.
3). Music. A capriccio from Italian capriccio--"head with hair standing on end" - hence horror...

Hello, my pretties. Yes, the daffodils are making brave attempts at showing us their bright, sunny faces, but we are still trying to push away winter temperatures and that pesky "s" word from the daily forecast. For now, it's acting more like March, but I'll take it.

I've been hard at work on the fourth book in the Sabrina Strong series, Vampire Caprice. As the definition above indicates it will be anything but dull.

I've come up with a synopsis, here. It might be a tad long, but would like some comments on it. And all comments are welcomed, just make sure you understand spamming me will not get you published.
cover by Lucy Pireel

The big vampire, Bjorn Tremayne, is up to his old tricks again. He has lost his reign and has now become a rogue, and this doesn't sit well with him, but he's going to do something that will change this situation. Dark World has set a bounty on Sabrina's head because she wouldn't mate with him, but he has come up with a way to trick her into bed with him. The only thing is he needs to get her away from the only vampire who protects her—Vasyl.
Sabrina's agenda was to enjoy a pleasant Thanksgiving with family, and no vampires, Nephilim, werewolves, or demons to interrupt it. Unfortunately a demon in the guise of her Grandmother Rose has decided to attack her at this family gathering. Bill Gannon, her neighbor and Nephilim, has gotten an invite to Thanksgiving, but just when he's about to save Sabrina from the demon, who walks in, kills the demon and whisks Sabrina off in his cool Super Snake Mustang but Tremayne... with the help of leprechaun Rick.
After the melee in Sabrina's brother's house, Tremayne convinces Sabrina she isn't safe from demons who are after her for the bounty on her head—dead or alive—and manages to talk her into running.
Vasyl, meanwhile, has fought off Tremayne's minions, but has lost Sabrina, and now it's daybreak. He has to chase Sabrina across the Midwest, knowing that Tremayne's ultimate goal is to mate with her—before he, himself, has had a chance to consummate his marriage to Sabrina.
In order to complete his duty of finding the sibyl, Bill Gannon must chase after Sabrina, and find some way to talk her into having his children in order to save the whole Nephilim race.
While all of these men are vying for Sabrina's attentions, something called an Undead, who feeds on souls, seeks Sabrina—the last sibyl—for his own diabolical needs. And he is very determined to find her.


Mari Collier said...

Save that last paragraph as it is terrific, but shorten then rest. A Thanksgiving celebration without the demons of the underworld (or something similar)is penetrated by etc.

I wish you much success!

William Kendall said...

I never did like writing a synopsis.

There's room here and there for trimming extraneous words.

Lorelei said...

@Mari--thanks! I'll work on it!
@ William, I'm the same way. I hate writing them. Used to give it to my publisher's editor, and she'd come up with something from my ramblings. Now, I have to do this.
My work is only begun...