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Friday, February 14, 2014

Vampire's Day Soiree Today!

Hey, I understand it s the 3rd anual Vampire's Day Soiree! Go check out our host Holly's Horrorland, and comeback here because I've joined in all the fun, here at Got Vampire? I've got an excerpt from the up coming next book in the Sabrina Strong series below you might want to read. 

For some women it takes a life time to find someone who loves you and you love them back. Rarely do we get more than one guy vying for our attentions.

But in the case of my lead character, Sabrina Strong, in the Sabrina Strong series, seems like you can throw a rock and hit a guy who is after her.

The fourth book Vampire Caprice, which is coming out this year, her problems just multiply by four. She's married to Vasyl, but they've had some arguments lately, and Mr. Tremayne is lending a hand in trying to keep the two apart. (for another excerpt from the book hop on over to Lorelei's Muse, but read this one first)

Here two of them are arguing over who had dibs on her. If you've read the first 3 books, you know who Dante and Vasyl are. Let's take a peek, shall we?
A millisecond later, I felt the molecules around us disperse and then a dark form appeared at the foot of my bed. It was Dante dressed all in black—black pants, black tee and boots. Almost like he had always dressed while alive, only right now he seemed to be more powerful, more lethal and more feral than he had been in life. Odd that I had not noticed this before. But then, we had been alone—except for the time he first appeared and saved me from the vampires in Targoviste Castle—and possibly he needed to be this way as he stood in the same room with a powerful vampire.
Straightening, Vasyl became ridged. “You invade, shifter,” he said in a deadly tone.
I killed two tonight,” Dante reported. “But one got away.”
Nikki,” I said.
Thank you for your report. You may leave us,” Vasyl said to him.
I love her as much as you,” Dante snarled.
Sacrebleu!” Vasyl swore. “My love has suffered and endured nearly two thousand years! You have known her for only a month or so, thus you have no right to claim her. Besides, we are married.”
My head and eyes snapped up to take him in. Images of that night when I'd halted the wedding came to me. The minister had pronounced us man and wife. I had a ring on my left hand and couldn't help but look down at it.
We are married, right?” I asked.
You signed the document, before the ceremony, and we were pronounced man and wife before you ran out of the hall,” Vasyl reminded me.
I wasn't sure,” I said wincing apologetically.
I didn't know this,” Dante said, throwing me an accusing glare.
I just sort of forgot?” I coughed, my hand clutching my side from a sudden stitch. I wasn't acting, but it suited the moment and changed the subject dramatically.
I can heal her,” Dante offered.
Vasyl glared at him. “You?”
I am—or was—a shaman in life. In my spirit form I can heal her much faster and easier than a human doctor can.” He spoke quietly, and he didn't sound boastful.
I have given her my blood. She is healing now,” Vasyl claimed.
That will help quicken it. Let me check her.”
Vasyl stood in the way.
Oh, for God's sakes let Dante check me out. My ribs might be broken.” The pain was lessening by small degrees even as I spoke.
Vasyl stepped aside, but wasn't happy. I could tell. He crossed his arms and went into his defiant stance like always.
Dante moved gracefully around the bed and came up beside me. His hair in that odd, loose braid he wore before. I now saw his hair was held by bands of gold. Looking down at me, his hand moved toward my side. His gaze seemed to cover every inch of me, as though they could see inside my skin.
You have pain here?” The ends of his long fingers touched my side very lightly.
I nodded. “But it seems to be going away.”
Vasyl made a sniff.
Holding his hands over my side, not touching me, he then closed his eyes, breathed in and then out, seeming to concentrate for several heartbeats.
Shoulders relaxed, his hand moved away and he opened his eyes. “The ribs were only cracked. They are healing, now. You must rest.” He glanced up at Vasyl. “She must not be moved from this bed for at least the next six hours. Your blood is healing her, as is her werewolf blood. After the pain is gone, she can move or be moved. I suggest she stay here for twenty-four hours.”
Very well. I will stay with her for the duration.” He looked around the room. “There are no windows here, so I will stay with her.” Vasyl remained in that defiant stance of his and lifted his head at Dante. “I know that you were lovers, in life. You have also been with her intimately as an Undead. I will not allow that any longer,” Vasyl said from the other side of my bed.
It is true. We have been together,” Dante said, looking down at me. His lips bent just a little in a slight smile.
No more will you be with her in that way,” Vasyl said. “I forbid it.”
I think it's up to her. Isn't it?” Dante argued.
I tried to mount a protest as the argument above me grew in volume.
I spent half my human life and all of my vampire life in a quest to find her. Do you think for one second I would allow an Undead to touch her?”
Already have.” Dante lifted his eyes to him and the smirk told the whole story.
I know I can do nothing to you, but she will refuse you, if I must thrall her into doing so,” Vasyl said more defiantly.
Stop! Stop it now!” I growled, and then my teeth gripped my lower lip from the pain. Whenever I took a breath it hurt. Then the pain subsided and I spoke. “For your information, I love Dante,” I said to Vasyl.
Dante smirked.
And I can't help it but I feel just as strongly toward Vasyl. I'm married to him. So, I have to stay true to him now.”
Dante's face grew somber.
I think you're both being a little ridiculous,” I chastised. “It's like you're arguing over a thing. I'm not a possession!” I reminded, and looked at both of them. “But Vasyl has been in my life longer. He found and protected me when I was a child. I know that he loves me. And, because you never even told me you loved me while you are alive—” A stitch made me stop short as I grimaced.
Cherie,” Vasyl said softly. “Rest.”
No. Listen to me, the both of you. You are both going to simply put up with each other because I'm not about to decide who I love more, nor will I tell Dante to never come and visit me again. That's like asking me which arm I like better, and to cut the other one off. That's how ridiculous this is!”
Dante hung his head, and his black tresses hung like a curtain over his face. Then he drew his head up and looked at me. “I am, as always, and will be, in love with you, Sabrina. You will never be able to change that.”
No. I just wished you would have told me when you were alive. At least you could have gone on to your reward.”
We can never go back in time. So, I will honor you, now, my lady”—he bowed deeply—“as your servant. You are now my priestess and I will obey your command; whatever you wish, it is my will to obey.”
I actually do need something,” I said. “You're the only one who can go and find it, probably.”
Tell me.”
My backpack. It's still at the park. It's brown leather.” It had everything in it that I needed. “The Dagger is in it, so you're the only one who can go and get it.” That and a few more important things. Like my birth control.
He paused, and the look he gave me was indescribable.
Oh, and find out if Chris is alright,” I added with a wince.
Then he bowed again, stepped backward two steps turned, and was gone.

A moment later, a weariness fell over me and I closed my eyes. Vasyl's blood was working on me, and I drifted off. I dreamt. But these were not my dreams... they were Vasyl's.
Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day. I've had a nibble from my heart box already!


Kestril Trueseeker said...

I'll have to check out those stories. Very intriguing

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Oh my! This vampire soiree is serving up plenty of potent, intoxicating stuff. Fabulous, Lorelei!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful offering, and a fine bit of prose. Thanks for letting me pass through for a peek!

Sunshineshelle said...

So much sensual titillation & temptation :) & BTW LOVE your header banner as well as your post too!

Gina said...

OOow! Loves me some Vamp on Wolf action :D XXX

Lorelei said...

~Thanks, Kestril!
~Hey, Emma, I think you're right!
~Thank you, Narrator, stop by any time!
~Well thank you, Sunshineshelle!
~Gina, you got it!

Winter Moon said...

Such a wonderful excerpt, the perfect addition to a Vampire's Day soiree :)

Rhissanna said...

I love the names you've used, they really add to the atmosphere. It shows a real talent to tell a story and show action through dialogue. Thank you for sharing.