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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vampires - Do They Really Exist?

What is it that attracts us to this blood-feasting stranger that wanders the night? Why do we continue to perpetuate it? Possibly it is the delicious shiver we feel when we read about our heroine facing that dark, handsome stranger. We imagine her succumbing to his thirst. We may imagine ourselves in this roll and play it over and over in our heads and become the victim in this erotic fantasy: The stranger with marble-white skin, jet-black hair, unyielding dark eyes and strong arms, the desire for his kiss and finally the orgasmic spasm that accompanies it. Yes, it has masochistic undertones, but that's what enthralls us.

Down through time, the human imagination has created fantastic beings solely for the thrill factor--trying to out-do one another. After all where do you think the unicorn came from? Or the giant octopus?

But none of these compare with the dark and erotic creature known as the vampire. Don't for one second think that Bram Stoker invented the vampire. He did not. But I'm sure many of you out there have wondered where the myths may have come from. Your curiosity must pull you toward information centers, newspapers, books, etc., that might have the answers. In my youth I would grab anything remotely dealing with vampires. Most of the times it might come in the tabloids about someone hunting vampires in a cemetery. Don't laugh! Laws were passed in order to keep people from going into graves and jamming a stake into a corps' heart!

Every nation, and nationality, has some sort of vampire lore. So, you have to wonder, is there something to it?

A research society founded in 1882 claimed that "The vampire still maintained his preeminence, and certain researchers promoted the theory that the vampire was a weird form of apparition that actually does thrive on some type of 'life force'."

Of course the concept of the vampire has been well exploited by Hollywood for generations, and now there is quite a glut of vampires in the movies, on TV, and in books. But this is all fiction. Right? Or is it? Don't you just wonder if there might be fact behind this whole "do vampires exist" question?

Well, as of late--and as I am able to report to you--the "real" human vampires are slowly coming out of the closet. There has been a special on TV, not very long ago about this. Unfortunately I had to miss it (I go to bed too early). As I've said, I've been on the prowl trying to discover the reason for the vampire lore.

"To my mind, a vampire in the true medical sense, is a person who by reasons of powers beyond his control must have human blood to quench his unnatural thirst..." - The Vampire In Legend and Fact

My personal thoughts have always been that the reality is so very secret and that the individual was so rare that those who are actual living vampires who need human blood have allowed the myths to perpetuate. Thus, we authors may do as we please and no one really gets hurt. We authors of novels deal with the "make believe" but are able to weave a tale so tantalizing and realistically, that you, the reader, suspend your belief systems and love it.

In reality, what I have learned is that there are two types of "real" human vampires. There are the psychic (or PSI) vampires and the sanguinarians (those who do drink human blood from a willing donor).

PSI vampires are those who need the life energy, or emotional energy from people that they feed from. They have found a way to tap the energy from the emotions of people in a room with them. In most cases it doesn't require touching, and in many cases large groups of people tend to be easier to tap this energy from--usually from a party, or maybe a concert, where feelings of elation and happiness exist. A PSI would never feed from anger, or any negative emotions.

However, feeding by physical contact is much easier, obviously. And this may be where the lore has come from because they are able to feed from any place on the body that from a hollow, such as the hollow at the base of your throat, or in your shoulder. Ever wonder where the idea of feeding from the neck came from?

While PSI vampires might be among your very good friends (and may not even know that's what they are), the sanguinarians are very different. In some cases these individuals have been the ones we have read about. The most famous was the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory who bathed in the blood of young women to keep her beauty in tact. But others who actually fed on blood have been with us down through time.

True sanguinarians wouldn't want to be bunched in with the likes of the countess or murderers. These are people who have willing donors, and are addicted because of a real chemical reaction in the brain.

Ah, my pretties, I see this has gone long and I'd love to come back and talk more about blood, vampires and their historical place in the world.

Nighty-night. Do let the vampire bite.

This subject is so broad that I could not cover everything about vampires. There are many other sites which go into depth, more so than I could here. If anyone wishes to check one out, then here is a link:


Anonymous said...

wow, what an in-depth post this is Miss Lorelei!
Excellent, really informative.
And the unicorn, hmm that creature is depicted all over the place throughout history.
Loved it.

Lorelei said...

Thanks, Carole. I have old news articles that I kept. You wouldn't believe some of the things that were written and now we are gaining new knowlegde that helps make sense of it all.

Anonymous said...

You are our archivist!

Lorelei said...


Beth said...

Nice post Lorelei! Until Twilight and True Blood came along, I wasn't much into I like reading and watching shows about vampires. However, I am a romantic at heart, and love the "nice" vampires...not the horror type.

I've started writing my own vampire book... :o)

The Desert Rocks said...

I suppose if they did really exist, it would be necessary to eradicate them. Very disgusting creatures--the whole lot of them. It is such a shame that modern writers are so enamored with the darkness, the blood and the devil's work.

Lorelei said...

@ Beth, I'm a romantic at heart too. I'd rather have a little romance going with the vamps.

Obviously not everyone is a fan of them. But then not eveyone is a Cubs fan either (^;

Lorelei said...

It has come to my attention that perhaps some who come to this blog and have come across this article on vampires and blood have taken it in the wrong way. This post was meant as entertainment, and not to be taken in a literal sense. My sources come from Darkness Embraced, and other blogs. I had no intention of making this an educational post, nor would I presume readers would take it as such.

Possibly I'll have to place a disclamer here for anyone who comes across this post again and it angers them about what was mentioned herewithin.

Go in peace and blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

very good comment there.
well said!