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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Download The House on Blackstone Moor For Free JUNE 14 - 16!

I'm one of the authors participating in the Great Indie Authors Readers Event.

From June 14th - June 16th you can get my book FREE!


"They say my father was mad, so corrupted by evil and tainted by sin that he did what he did. I came home to find them all dead; their throats savagely cut. My sisters only five and eight were gone as well as my brother who was twelve. My mother too lay butchered in her marriage bed. The bed her children were born in…"

 Young Rose Baines discovers the savage murders of her family by her mad, incestuous father.

She is plunged into a nightmare of hell and is incarcerated in two madhouses after which she is helped to obtain a position as governess at Blackstone House.

 The house is located on haunted moorland. Nothing is as it seems for Blackstone House and its inhabitants have hideous secrets. There is unimaginable horror there but there is love too--love that comes at a terrible price.

 The story is as haunting as it is terrifying and will remain with the reader long after its disturbing tale has been told.

 From Amazon Reviews:

It is one of the best vampire/demon stories I have ever read and I look forward to reading her next incarnation.
Lisa McCourt Hollar

A highly recommended read.
Michelle Wright

The amount of twists and turns this book takes will leave your head spinning and guessing until the end...epic journey
Lee Pletzers

The moods of great works such as Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, even Dickens (a la Oliver Twist and David Copperfield) surface throughout. Carole Gill presents great narrative, well-drawn characters, and has a marvelous ear for dialogue.
DK Trellis

It has been quite a while since I have read a paranormal love story mixed with horror, and this is one that should not be missed!
For the Love of Film and Novels

This story is beyond what one could imagine a nightmare of demons, vampires, and more. A must read for any one wanting more of a edgy tale.
BJ Gaskill Inside BJ’s Head

A real page turner. Carole Gill is a gifted author keeping the reader intrigued until the end...
Lisa Burnett

The sheer magnificence of the Gothic scenes and language; the characters playing off each other, every one bidding for his or her time to shine; the blending of the physical with the psyche; and the age old battle between good and evil, but with a whole new twist added to the evil, makes this a must read, don't put it down masterpiece. 

Robert Nelson

The House on Blackstone Moor never relinquishes its spellbinding hold on its readership; from the first sentence to the last, a beguiling work of fiction, leaving the reader wistfully anticipating a sequel.
Quinn Cullen

I like stories with class -this is one of them. Don't let the categorization as "gothic romance" or "gothic horror" fool you. If any of this is not your cup of tea, try it anyway. There's much more to this story than meets the eye.
Natalie Guillaumier-Owens "book-lover"

I read The House on Blackstone Moor in two days and from the beginning I was hooked!
My Cozy Corner Book Reviews

`The House on Blackstone Moor' blew me away. This book is so intensely dark and twisted and will take you on a journey that will change you forever.
C. Scarlett

I was really surprised at how well written this book is. It was spooky and creepy right from the beginning

The House on Blackstone Moor is a wonderfully written gothic romance that fans of Carole Gill's other works will surely appreciate as will fans of dark gothic romances and paranormal romance.
Stephanie Ward

This is a terrifying and evil filled book. Rose endures so much pain her 19 years of life that most don't experience in a lifetime. Full of demons , spirits , fallen angels , and Satan himself
Crystal Trent Dotson

I would recommend the book to those who like gothic horror, vampires and evil men. There is also a sequel in the works which will focus on Eco, the very evil demi-demon, the guy you love to hate!
Spot (Stacey Turner)

Fast-paced tale that takes the protagonist through the depth of depravity and tragedy, into insanity, recovery and apparent salvation, until her salvation turns into another kind of hell
Thomas D. Cooke

The twists and turns came at me from out of no where, i never saw them coming, and that just added to the beauty of this book. i would recommend this story to everyone, even if you dont think its your type of book, try it, i promise you'll fall in love with it as i did!!!
Donna West

This is truly an outstanding horror tale that provokes deeper thought even as it scares you out of your wits.
Laurie Jenkins

What Carole Gill has achieved with this Gothic novel is to transport the reader into the time-warped plight of a heroine whose sense of doom underlies a dark journey through twisted depravity and tangled horrors.
Lori Lopez

This is a book for people that like me love the paranormal seeing combined with a good historical story. I loved to read how this two elements were combined, they worked so well together. This is by far one om my favourite books this year.
Annabel Blootshofd

It's haunting and scary and the ending will totally blow you away!

The book over all is of the subtle kind of horror, nothing gratuitous or gory - until all hell breaks loose near the end, which I won't reveal.
Rebecca Treadway

I for one found this gloriously gothic, refreshingly brutal, honestly horrific and a great read. I look forward to the sequel.
Taliesin Meets the Vampires


Read it now! It is part of the 4-book series,


The next, Unholy Testament will be out later this summer!


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Hi, Carole, yes you have some great reviews. I agree with them!

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