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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If you love Blade Runner, read the book it's based on!

The novel Blade Runner is based on was written by Philip K. Dick and it's entitled,
It's fabulous!
I mean Blade Runner is my all-time favorite film, and the novel is my favorite book now!
The story takes place on a post-nuclear Earth, where eight androids have fled to after killing their human masters on Mars. Androids are not allowed on Earth, and Mercer, the religious cult figure of the book, has declared that killers must be killed.
Rick Deckard, the bounty hunter is called into “retire” the androids.
But this is a world where virtual animals exist and are prized highly--an interesting dichotomy!

The world building I feel is more detailed too.
There are genetically enhanced animals for instance and a more detailed world.
Not to take anything away from the film, as both are amazing, it can serve as a further enhancement for your enjoyment.

In my sci fi novel, I have written of a damaged world where there were mass extinctions. Only a few species of animals exist. Virtual animals and birds are on display in ed-centers.

I have two kinds of cyborgs--old models that are used for service jobs and other re-modelled ones that have been specially adapted for other horrendous purposes to serve their evil worshipping masters!

And who knows, how far off reality that may turn out to be?!

Why I can tell you about two bosses I had--!

Enough from me for now!

See you soon!


Rae Lori said...

I LOVE Blade Runner and I've been meaning to read the book it's based on. PKD rocks! I may need to move it up the pile since I've been getting back into the SF mood lately.

Your book sounds simply awesome, Carole! I can't wait to check it out. I'm a sucker for cyborgs and AI stories. :-D Your bosses already sound familiar lol.

Great blog you have here!

Anonymous said...

Love that, Rae!
those two bosses I had I happened to have had when I was my most vulernable! I think the really monstrous bullies--the ones that could easily star in their own horror film or novel sense such things.
And thanks about the story, it's a short story actually.
The book is so good because it gives you more background, but the film--those scenes between Ford and Young blew my socks off!
But totally! Love the love theme too from it, so sexy!