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Monday, September 7, 2009

An excerpt of my sci fi short story, AFTERMATH!

Here it is--but remember,it's only an excerpt!


by Carole Gill

Our end is near. There is no recourse or action to take, only acceptance—for there waits among the starry firmament the harbinger of death, an evil entity whose purpose is annihilation and whose method is fire. It has always been thus.
No, I am not a prophet as such, more a prophesying educator.

Now, as I find myself facing what I have always believed would happen, I am prepared to make my very last treatise.

The cosmic holocaust explodes above our heads. We can feel the shuddering vibrations of its burning assault. Our world will soon be no more. Nor us within it.

We do not face death alone. There are ten relates, ten birth providers and ten sires. Their offspring are of varying annums. Some are newly spawned and others are somewhat older. But all of the fifteen offspring are under five and ten annums.
There are two learners, each typically rebellious seekers of change. They are my former pupils.

The fortified domain we find ourselves in was never fully operational. It had been developed in secret and at great cost. The concept being, cataclysms occur—whether by war or natural causes.

Our planet had endured many fire rock hits from various out-flying flotsam thousands of times in our history.

There began to be a belief among a fair number of our sci techs that a major episode was about to occur. So because of that this project was undertaken. A deliberately constructed fortification began to be discussed.

Not only was the fortress to be underground, it was to be built into our own crust-rock--the hardest naturally occurring material on our planet. Most of which is buried deep beneath the surface.

There were many for and against such an undertaking. In favor of it were the project’s engineers who said an impact event was survivable. They reasoned that the impact object itself would most likely disintegrate in the resultant explosion.
They further reasoned that the effects of the hit would not go that deep as almost all of the energy would be released as heat. And in the atmospheric shockwave that followed, most of the remaining force would be released as seismic waves through the ground.

Their conclusion: possibly a survivable outcome.
As the plans were to locate the fortress more than 10 leges down, and using thermal impact shielding along with specific composite materials, it was deemed the haven could in fact really be one.

So work was begun, but because the media communicants reported the cost daily as increasing (which it was to a certain extent), the public and our governing members soon turned against it.

These costs bear in mind concerned the construction of the fortress—the huge cost of relevant biospheres had not yet entered into the discussion, although a basic mode for survival had been installed.

Permit me to give you some background to their growing opposition: a few annums previously, a great body of dissenters rose up to challenge the accepted tenets of the day—the target of their fury: the scientists involved in the catastrophe predictions.

“Do not believe one word of the gloomisists! They seek to create chaos!”
Such was the ‘wisdom’ of our Leader, himself.
Various party members called for mass trials to be held, to punish the instigators, the worse being a vile Rep. called Fint.
I had already published my views and was one of those threatened. Alas, I am far from brave and do regret my cowardice now, for I retracted what I had stated.
Our society had seen little violence, yet violence against government targets increased ten-fold. It was the terror-stricken populace you see, not knowing what to believe!

Not all of our citizens reacted in the same manner. Our outworld alien brethren knew the truth only too well. They knew the effect of global disaster.
You see many of our fellow beings have come from other worlds that have endured such devastation. Many such beings sought to make those others understand. They didn’t succeed. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t long before they too were set upon. Many were seized for trial.

And then, like so much in life, before any move could be made to try them—the great firestorms were upon us!



Charisma Knight said...

Hey Carole, awesome excerpt. I'm adding this to my future reading list. Congratulations on becoming a full time writer, and best wishes in all your endeavors. I know you will go far.

Sandy said...


A very intriguing excerpt. A lot of that has really happened. I'll look forward to reading Aftermath.

Good job on your blog.

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Great job, girl, and welcome to the blogosphere!

Loved the excerpt, definitely intriguing and makes me want to read the story!

Rock on, darling!!



Liena Ferror said...

Wow, Carole.

Great excerpt and blog entry!

I look forward to Aftermath.


Anonymous said...

Charisma, Sandy, Z and Liena, thank you so much!
I really am blogging now! woof!
appreciate it your wonderful comments!

Angela Guillaume said...

This is a great excerpt, it really drew me in and made me want to know more about this world. Welcome to Blog-ville :-D.
hugs and love...

Anonymous said...

thank you Angela!
so delighted to read your comment!
hugs to you and loads of love!
May all good forces be with you! ALL OF YOU!

Anonymous said...