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Monday, October 1, 2012

Report Erotic Driving

Funny how a few miss placed letters will give a word a whole different meaning.
I drive a bus for a living (transit) and I get behind school buses all the time and see this sign in the window "To Report Erratic Driving call...." I want to change that one word. It's then very funny, is it not?
Well, I wanted to touch on the spelling of words that sound the same but have different spellings and different meanings.
Take for example my latest short story up, Vampire, My Own. In it the character will use a bow and arrow. I took archery a very long time ago. I thought it was sort of fun. There's something you do with the arrow when you fit it into the string of the bow, so you can draw it back, aim and hit the target. Do you know what that word is? If you've never taken archery, or even have any idea about the sport, I'll give you a clue. It rhymes with Knock. It's spelled NOCK. You "nock" the arrow.
So, a lot of people might come across this one word in my short story. I think I've gotten a review commenting on that, in fact for that "type-o". Nock is not a type-o. I'm not surprised that people don't know this. In fact I couldn't recall how to spell it exactly, but I wasn't surprised that it was N-O-C-K.
Vampire, My OwnSo, next time you come across a word in someone's manuscript and they might be doing something you've never heard of... look it up. Make sure about it. Like I did. I looked up archery and made sure that was the correct spelling.

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Anonymous said...

you devil!
i didn't know you posted!
that's great! Erotic driving, love it!
Lorelei you're too much.
what a post!