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Saturday, December 8, 2012


I had to laugh the other day when I spoke to a student on my bus who I handed a business card to for links to my books and my website. I said, "My books don't have sparkly vampires in them." and he said "Thank God!"

So, for those of you who DO NOT LIKE YOUR VAMPIRES TO SPARKLE, this is the place for you!
Photo: This one makes me think of Dante, after he died and came back as an Undead.
This picture makes me think of Dante who dies in 2nd book, but comes back at end of the third as an Undead
And if you like a heavy dose of romance, forget it. I don't do romance novels spiked with vampires who can walk around in the daylight. Nope. I go for a more traditional vampire character. One who needs to be invited into a house, and who need to drink blood, and  yet I've managed to give my vampires a brain where they've figured out how to get their blood from living donors, and not kill anyone, or let the general public figure out that there are vampires around. Especially those who live in Tremayne Towers in Chicago.

My vampire novels follow the main character Sabrina Strong, a touch clairvoyant, into her suddenly exciting adventures working for a vampire magnate, Bjorn Tremayne. You like your vampires to be calculating, somewhat cold, and who can thrall with a glance, this guy's for you. Once Tremayne sets his sights on Sabrina, no other vampire under him can claim her. Not even the vampire who she imprinted with.

But if you think Sabrina winds up with either of these vampires, you're wrong. I don't write romance where two star-crossed lovers wind up together. Life doesn't go that way and I think the mystery, danger and all the other action out-weighs the romantic thread.

However, one character who she meets during this first episode, Vampire Ascending, and is not a vampire, but a shift-changer, is assigned to her as her protector. Dante Badheart, the Native American shaman who works for Tremayne is given the assignement to protect Sabrina 24/7, because someone is trying to kill her while she is trying to use her clairvoyant powers to learn who killed Tremayne's wife.

In the second book, Vampire's Trill, things begin to really come together on who kidnapped Sabrina's best friend, Jeanie Woodbind, as she embarks of the task of learning exactly what the wife of Tremayne's brother is up to, since they are certain she was behind his and Letitia's death. But when Dante returns to his native land to try and heal from shifting into a mouse, and then back to a human too fast, Sabrina gets visions of him in a way that points toward his passing. And I won't give away the exciting ending, as she deals with two people she's known all her life, and become something quite scary and unexpectedly want to kill her.

The tale continues in third book, Vampire Nocturne, which will have an early January release date. And I'm very excited, as this book has Sabrina going into another world, and it has a lot of Steampunk in it. This one will be slightly more romantic than the last, but not in any way loosing the edgyness of the frist two. Hope you'll stop by after the new year to check it out!


Anonymous said...

hey, this is cool!
i love this post! go girl!

Lorelei said...

hey, there, other non-sparkly vampire writer girl! Simles and waves across the pond!

Shelly Arkon said...

I can hardly wait to read it, Lorelei.

Hugs and chocolate,

Lorelei said...

I'm excited (^;