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Monday, February 21, 2011

Horror and Sex, What Are The Limits?

Mine, I mean!
Let me put it this way, if you were raised by my mother you'd ask this question too!

I do write horror and pretty dark horror too. Well, the last post made me think. I wondered what I would do, what I could do if I were to sex up my horror a bit. 

For example. I am writing the sequel to The House on Blackstone Moor and I am thinking ahead, thinking to the scenes that depict Eco and what he got up to.

I mean for that part of the novel to be credible Eco would have to be engaged in all manner of sin. There would be things depicted that would possibly shock even Caligula. As a matter of fact Eco did shock Caligula!

There was this time when he was telling Caligula at Caligula's urging of a rather amazing weekend he had in Egypt with some Vampire cultists. Caligula, though no stick in the mud, was rather shocked.

What surprised the Emporer was not only Eco's ability to keep intersted a half a dozen concubines at once but to also keep fascinated at least that number of Palace guards as well.

"You are the most amazing man...!" Caligula gushed.

Eco we all know is not mortal. But he did not correct Caligula. He did stifle a laugh when the Emperor went on to say: "Of course for myself--it is different, being a God as I am."

"I tell you what!" Eco suggested. "As a God you will be able to out do me with one hand tied behind your back! How does that sound?"

Caligula leaned forward to hear Eco's absolutely outrageous suggestions about some sort of sexual olympics he had in mind for the Senator's wives to participate in.

Caligula was enthused to say the least. "You shall show them all you can do, my friend. You shall have all of them! They would never dare to refuse me and to make it even more fun, we will have this performed in front of the entire Senate!"

Eco was delighted. Caligula was thrilled.

See what I mean? I'm even kind of having fun with this sequel because well, I'm coming out of myself a bit and I find I like to!

Stay tuned for all sorts of surprises!


James Garcia Jr said...

Greetings, Carole. How have you been? You sound so excited to be writing your current project and I applaud you. I am really starting to get the urge myself to put pen to paper. Hopefully sometime this summer or so.
As to your question, you and I have discussed this before. As long as the scenes are pertinent, I'm all for them. I think we've all seen films where it appeared as if the director simply wanted to shoot some T&A, so he plugged some scenes in. I was a fan of those when I was a teenager (LOL!), but no more. Now I want substance.
I really cannot wait to read the next one, my dear. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

thank you!
yeah i'm full steam ahead.
you'll be writing and writing another gem i know it!
yes, that's funny and I like the way you said that.
i like to camp it up with Eco--kind of like how John Hurt played Caligula in I Claudius.
YOu can be outrageous, but it has to fit the story and not be thown in as you say.

Thanks Jimmy I'm always delighted when you comment here you know!