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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Review From A Convert! Well, Decide For Yourself!

"Gothic horror. Not really my cup of tea, but Carole Gill's novel is a smooth read from page one and onwards..."

Lee Pletzers, publisher of Triskaideka Books has given me a great review. It's on Lee's own book review site, The Lonely Reviewer:

The review is also on Smashwords:

He doesn't even like gothic horror, but he liked my book! I can't tell you (but I'll try hardest) how much that means to me!

You see, I want to bring new readers into reading gothic genre books. That is my aim and I feel this is a first step.

I feel the gothic narrative is a great one and deserves to be given new life and energy. It must, I feel, be imbued with far darker themes and bolder storylines. I don't say, 'gothic romance was never like this,' for nothing. It has to change and I want to help to change it.

Here's the rest of his review:

"...Chapter one is interesting and thrusts the reader straight into the world of Rose Baines with a nice tag at the end that forces a page turn.

Coming home to see her family slaughtered by her father, see is struck weak and taken to an insane asylum to recover, where on her first night in a solo room she is abused. This is just the start of the horrors she will soon be faced with. There are sex rituals, sacrifice, vampires, demons (I like Eco, he is demented and brilliantly so), children vamps, and the leader, Louis Dartion, oh and gypsies.

All Gothic fans will love this book and Carole has created characters we can all identify with. Rose is a shy and uncomfortable around strangers and has a tendency to faint. Louis Dartion is the opposite but he too has a soft side. Some of the characters are in the story to move the plot along but most are interesting characters, like Dartion's wife, Marta and Reverend Hobbs.

Secrets will be exposed that will rock Rose's world and throw her life in turmoil. The amount of twists and turns this book takes will leave your head spinning and guessing until the end. And the journey Rose takes in this book is truly epic and you'll enjoy reading her exploits and adventure late into the night."

Thank you, Lee!
And remember everyone! The sequel, Unholy Testament is coming!

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