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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Demon Eco Says God Created Angels For A Reason!

Now, you have to remember who Eco is!
For those of you who did not read The House on Blackstone Moor, Eco is demon spawn and thoroughly evil.

He is also, as my most recent reviewer wrote, 'I like Eco, he is demented and brilliantly so.' 
I have to say I like him too and frankly, the sequel, Unholy Testament, features him.

Now, since he has all the time in the world, he has experienced so much. There will be all sorts of little 'Eco gems' that he will come out with. For instance, he will tell the reader his reasoning as to why God created angels.

It was he believes, to have witnesses to creation. As he says: "I can understand him wanting an audience, truly I can. As for myself, I'd have been bored to tears, it was after all only a light show, stunning though it may have been!"

Yes easily bored is Eco. However there is that which does excite him.

Eco again: "What delighted and inspired me was my discovery of conjuring!"

We do already know about his conjuring. Remember his 'children?' Those horrific creatures he created that he considers his own flesh and blood: those vile, demonic, flesh-eating monsters he had attack people?!

In Unholy Testament we will discover how he learned to conjur them, what the circumstances were and so forth.

Apparently, from what I can tell, he learned this craft in ancient Egypt, despite the fact that the magic practiced by Priests there was not evil. Leave it to Eco to find the right Priest, a priest to teach him all about the ways of dark conjuring!

Of course as time went on and Eco continued to exist there were other eras. Each with its own wizards and magicians and Eco there to take it all in!

It was the conjuring of his 'children' that most people find so fascinating.
Yes, it's going to be quite a journey, stay tuned!


Loretta said...

Well done Carole:):) Love the enticing way you lead us in....

Loretta Wheeler

Anonymous said...

thank you Loretta,
but it's also helping me write the sequel!
I mean I have Eco so fully drawn in my head and last week when I was writing I actually wrote this: Eco saying how and why God created angels. That gave me the idea for the blogpost!
it's so funny.
It's like when I was writing the Louis Darton stories, I was writing the novel at the same time so it helped there too!
thanks Loretta!

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to like Eco, as well. Bad Bob! :D

Anonymous said...

thanks Bob.
You know he is the kind of villain we love to hate.
and the funny thing is I just wrote up a blog post for next week about him! just this very second!
yeah, you can't help it. he's completely demented and so real to me!
not bad Bob! nice Bob!