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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Love Bite Wednesday

Soft light in the room threw shadows across the contours of his face, making it look somewhat like a piece of artwork. I only then realized I hadn't had the opportunity to really take in the details of his high cheekbones, the curve of this lips, almost straight nose, the arch of brows. 

His lips captured mine, then his kisses traveled down my neck. I arched my back availing my neck to him. His arms like steel bands pulled me to him. I waited for him to sink his teeth into me, super aware of the throb at my womanhood....

Well, this was something I found on a piece of paper, undated. But I do believe it belongs to something I wrote in my up-coming book Vampire Caprice. The vampire is none other than the seven foot tall Bjorn Tremayne, snuggling up with--who else?--Sabrina Strong. They are so wrong for each other, I love putting them together. And this book puts them together in the bedroom, eventually, even though Sabrina has been avoiding this--for a lot of reasons, because if he bites her, he will not be able to stop drinking her blood (because it's just so delicious, of course!)

I'll bring you more little tidbits from the fourth novel, just a tease hear and a tease there. I'm evil that way!

Fourth book in the Sabrina Strong series
to be published in 2014
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